Fibromyalgia Awareness National Network




Dear Friends:

Welcome to FANN, Fibromyalgia Awareness National Network, a unique support group created for those living with fibromyalgia and chronic pain. FANN is here to give you a voice, a place to be heard, and support.

Fibromyalgia came into my life suddenly, turning my world upside down, as well as the lives of my two sons and husband.

Seventeen doctors and two years later, I finally got a name for my mysterious symptoms. The celebration was short lived as I embarked on investigating fibromyalgia and learned of this complex syndrome.

I decided to attend a fibromyalgia class given by the Arthritis Foundation, which made a huge difference in coping with this unusual condition. I walked into a room with 38 people diagnosed with fibromyalgia—men, women and young adults—and realized I was not alone nor crazy. I found a new group of friends. We talked about our symptoms and the treatments that worked. They understood; and we supported each other unconditionally. In 2000 the North Orange County Fibromyalgia Support Group was started. Today, it has more than 300 members. We meet monthly and are educated by knowledgeable guest speakers. More importantly, we nurture our friendship.

FANN is here for each of you. It’s a place to share information, cultivate relationships, find strength through new-found friendships, but most of all, it exists to make sure that you will NEVER BE ALONE.